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A mount was machined to mount the rectifier board under the transformer.

. A DAC board: AK4493 board.

Once analog signals have been processed by electronics and converted to digital, to convert them back to analog, a DAC is needed.

Apr 17, 2003 · Here my new tube voltage gain stage for my new DIY DAC.

. . Rear panel was CNC engraved with input labels.


. 'O' meant 'objective' because it was designed to achieve the best objective criteria (measurements, in particular THD+N). My design is the complement of that, designed entirely for listening enjoyment with little regard for measurements.

The broader aim is to make audiophile sound quality a commodity so everyone gets. UPDATE 18 Jul 2017: Lothar Diebold suggest to reduce the DAC output voltage adding a 13K (27K // 27K) resistor in series to input on this stage and changing R31,R32,R33,R34,R19,R20,R21,R22 with 2K5ohm.

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The 6922 is using DC filement voltage using schottky rectifer and LM317T regulator. DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Headphone Amplifier - 24 November 2012 This low power tube headphone amplifier project comes from Bruce Heran.

Apr 13, 2020 · The transformer is custom wound and an Alps “blue” RK27 100k log taper pot is fitted for volume control. .

Denon PMA-S10II.


. Denon PMA-S10II. The HV is filtered using a CLC filter with two 47uF cap.

What kind of tubes. An output filter: DRV603 board. $34. A few others are around, not to forget more exotic and high priced units like the Ypsilon made in Italy:. .


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5V DC coming from DAC chip is not a problem on input.

Apr 17, 2003 · Here my new tube voltage gain stage for my new DIY DAC.


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