Whenever a player gets shot, their aim is thrown off due to flinching.

Accuracy is how far your rounds will travel before they begin to drop, in the case of shotguns it reduces the spread.

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Best attachments: Recoil steadiness vs stabilization vs smoothness Recoil steadiness Credit: TheXclusiveAce.


. In conclusion, the recommended load-out for the Cronin Squall composed by Warzone 2 professionals focuses on maximizing long-range effectiveness while accounting for recoil control, stability, and. Base Perk 1: Overkill Base Perk 2: Double Time Bonus Perk: Fast Hands Ultimate Perk: Ghost Lethal: Drill Charge Tactical: Smoke Grenade For the best Perks and Equipment to pair with the Kastov 545, we recommend taking Overkill to grab a powerful SMG such as the Vaznev.

This textured wooden grip from Bryson offers superior recoil control.

In practice, this means less kick and sway, and an easier time hitting small targets, such as an opponent’s head in a window. The M13B is a highly accurate assault rifle in Warzone 2. Mar 2, 2023 · The Komodo Heavy muzzle increases horizontal recoil control and takes a toll on the weapon's ADS speed and aiming stability.

For the underbarrel, he selects the ever-popular Edge-47 Grip. Nov 20, 2022 · Now that Aim Stability is enhanced enough, attach STIP-40 Grip and trade a small amount of it for Recoil Control.

With its low-recoil and impressive damage output, particularly with upper-torso shots,.


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0 and Modern Warfare 2 add a reworked Gunsmith system that offers deeper customization than ever. .

Overall movement, hip recoil control, and aim.

To unlock the Weapon Tuning system.


Only aim-down-sight speed and aiming stability are affected. . .

0. Muzzle Velocity: 390 m/s. (This is really only useful with. fc-smoke">Apr 11, 2023 · Share Article. Jan 24, 2023 · This fluted barrel from Forge Tac bolsters damage range, bullet velocity, and movement speed.

Nov 29, 2022 · For this category, the Kas-10 584mm Barrel is a great option with an increase in damage range, bullet velocity, hip fire accuracy, and recoil control.

. Suppress and control with hotter rounds that afflict the target with an increased flinch.

Season 03 Reloaded Camo Challenge.


Best Warzone 2 Kastov 545 loadout Perks & Equipment.

It is an extremely granular system.

Most of the attachments that provide recoil control are grips, such as fore-grips.