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Sample translated sentence: You look very beautiful tonight, Eva.

You can also use “bello. te ves hermosa.

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te ves hermosa.

Translate Look at you. mírense (plural) Look at you! It's amazing how big you are!¡Mírense! ¡Es increíble lo grandes que están! intransitive verb phrase. class=" fc-falcon">Quick Answer.


Foster your friendships and watch your Spanish skills skyrocket. you look beautiful. <span class=" fc-falcon">How to Say Beautiful in Spanish.

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"Hello all!Our Spanish word of the day is 'Èl/Ella/Usted'Thinking what it means?It means 'He/She/You(formal)' Wondering how to pronounce it? It’s very easy.

. te ves muy bello, te ves muy guapo, te ves muy hermoso are the top translations of "you look very beautiful" into Spanish.

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Bello/a means beautiful” or “lovely.
However, in Spanish, you would say, “la chica bella.
Translation of "you look beautiful" into Spanish.

“Precioso” (masculine) or “preciosa” (feminine) is often used when speaking about an object of value.

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If you’d like to say beautifulin Spanish, you can use “hermoso” (masculine) or “hermosa” (feminine). ↔ Te ves muy bella esta noche, Eva. .

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(informal) (singular) You look very beautiful. Translation of "you look very beautiful" into Spanish.


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If you want to say something is pretty in Spanish, or someone is “beautifulin Spanish, hermoso and hermosa are useful words.

↔ Te ves muy bella esta noche, Eva.